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Hours of Content Delivery

The Aveti Extension Program Connects Students With Luminaries From Around The World To Advance Their Educational Opportunities

Inspirational Talk

Globally acclaimed Subject Specialists and Theme Leaders deliver engaging lectures and introduce concurrent topics.

Open Ended Discussion

All lectures end with an open ended questions like: What kind of bridge do you want in Odisha after a trip to Golden Gate in San Francisco? What kind of transportation system do you propose after a trip to Dubai? How do you protest if your ruler follows Louis the 16th after a trip to the Palace of Versailles?

Student Portfolio

Good thing is that these students spend time to research on the topics and in drafting the answer. These habits could be helpful to hone their leadership and presentation skills. This is the objective of the Lecture Sessions — to ignite the young minds and spur them to explore further and beyond their regular coursework.

Previous Guest Lectures

Dr. Rajesh Prasad

Professor, IIT-Delhi

Mrs. Sanjita Mahapatra

IAS , Government of India

Dr. Shilpa Sahoo

Ph.D., Cornell University

Dr. Surya Tripathy

Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Twente

Students Portfolio

Lapamudra Sahoo

10th Standard

Sunita Mishra

9th Standard

Sudipti Nayok

8th Standard

Pooja Karmakar

7th Standard