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Aveti Learning Brings Smart Class Technology For Every Indian Classrooms

World Class Content in Vernacular Languages

Learning in vernacular language should be a choice and not a constraint, so, we have created interactive grade-appropriate digital content to supplement classroom teaching.

Smart Class Technology

Technology should be easy, powerful, yet affordable.  So we have created an intuitive 3 clicks learning management system that works for all teachers in most remote areas without Internet.

Tools to Empower Teachers

Our teachers need support to keep them focused on the important task of Teaching. So we built tools to do all the heavy lifting so that teachers can teach.

Learning App For Students

Learning should not just stop after school hours. So we built learning app to enable students get the much needed extra help via Aveti Learning app

Aveti X

Not all students get the opportunity to learn from the best teachers. So we created AvetiX to provide a platform to connect the best educators to students online.